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Keene is one of the most unique and beautiful towns in New Hampshire, rich with history, natural beauty, and classic New England architecture. Nestled in the Connecticut river valley, Keene is a small city with a big-hearted community that truly cares for one another. With endless area activities, great schools, and safe neighborhoods, Keene is a great choice when it comes to looking for a place to call home.

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Hear from some of our residents who relocated to Keene from afar!

"I moved here to be near my husband’s family. After growing up in Chicago and living in Los Angeles for a few years, it was a huge change, but a welcome one. There was some worry that it would be tough to find a job like the big city ones I was used to, but I found multiple great opportunities to choose from. It’s easy to get to know your neighbors here and to feel like you’re a part of the community. The landscape is clean and beautiful, and the pace of life is a more relaxed one. Needless to say, I have no plans to ever leave this special spot, and feel lucky to call it home."


“A born and raised Western New Yorker, I moved to Keene to live with my husband, who grew up here. I didn’t think I’d feel such a connection to Keene until we started living here together. We cheered at the DeMar, made regular visits to Brewbaker’s, went to Yolo way too much, and sipped butterbeer in the summer heat...and suddenly, Keene was more than just a city we lived in. It is our community. Our friends. Our church family and our home. We have everything we need here, so how could we not love it?”


"We were a military family that had recently come home from England. We had looked at homes in Massachusetts but we could not find a safe affordable area to bring up our young daughters. All three of my girls went on to graduate from Keene State College. We have always felt very much a part of this community. All three as adults still work in Keene. We’ve made lifelong friends. We volunteer and love our community. You cannot beat the beautiful seasons and the friendly people of this area. It is impossible not to become part of this community in so many ways.”


"Having lived out west and looking to move back closer to family, we thought long and hard about where we wanted to live on the east coast.  We wanted a town that was small enough to have that quaint New England feel, but it also had to have some amenities we were used to and a proximity to large cities.  We landed in the Keene area and couldn’t have been more satisfied.  With miles of woods and paths to hike, bike and snowshoe on, and lakes and rivers to swim and boat on, the Keene area delivers on country living, while its history and size provides that small New England town we were looking for. With most larger New Hampshire cities around an hour away, and Boston two hours away, when we need to go to the big towns we easily can.  The Keene area strikes the balance of small town New England country living with large town amenities, and is a perfect place to raise our boys."


Living in Keene

With award winning schools, a thriving arts community, and an environmentally conscious local government, Keene is an amazing place to call home. Download our Guide to Keene to learn more.

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Boundless Outdoor Activities

With 2,000+ acres of recreational land, and 70 miles of biking and hiking trails, Keene makes it easy to get outside and have some fun! Get all the dirt in our Guide to Keene.

Working in Keene

With a thriving manufacturing industry, Keene State College, and a bustling downtown business corridor, opportunities for employment are everywhere. Learn more about Keene's jobs in our Guide to Keene by clicking below.

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